Prayer Overcomes Tears

She smilesCancer. The diagnosis explained the pain and bleeding Navina had endured in her uterus the last several months. Hospital visits and medications brought no relief.

Navina tried natural medicines for months, but there was still no improvement. Her husband, Bandhu, was getting desperate for her to be healed. He beckoned for witch doctors, and they tried their medicines. It only exhausted the family’s resources, and Navina cried helplessly.

One day, Navina had noticed a church building in another village between all her hospital visits. In all her hopelessness she now considered seeking out the pastor. She knew he visited peoples’ homes to pray for them, so she determined she would go to the church building to talk to him.

The following Sunday, Navina’s family went with her to the church. There, they met Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Sohail.

Navina explained her desperate situation. This cancer had now ravaged her body for two years. She was willing to do anything for healing and asked them to pray for her. Pastor Sohail and the believers began praying that week and decided to fast every Tuesday for Navina.

One week passed . . . then two weeks . . . then three. The believers continued to pray and fast. Four weeks later Navina knew something was different inside her body. She could feel it. She went to a doctor and requested a test.

The cancer was gone.

She survived, and joy filled her body with new strength.

Grateful for all Jesus had done, Navina and her family embraced Jesus and rejoiced with the believers. Soon after, she celebrated Christmas with two other women who experienced Jesus’ love through Navina’s testimony; they now regularly worship together.

“Jesus is my hope,” Navina said. “I am happy to walk with Him who wiped away all my tears.”

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