Unwavering Faith

man shares Gospel literaturePaavan grew up the son of a prominent religious leader. He knew very well the conditions of following his father’s lifestyle and knew what his parents had taught him.

When Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Akash and other believers entered into Paavan’s village, they greeted those who would listen and shared the Good News of Jesus. Pastor Akash met Paavan, a husband and father of three children, and gave him some Gospel literature.

Paavan and his wife listened to Pastor Akash share about Jesus and considered His love. This new faith was not the same as his father’s, and Paavan contemplated what living for Christ would mean for his family. His father was outspoken in his disregard for Christians. Paavan knew embracing this new faith would result in opposition—especially from his own father.

But after days of knowing and meditating on the love of Jesus, Paavan contacted Pastor Akash and decided to stand firmly for Jesus.

Paavan’s decision aroused conflict with his parents.

“We don’t want to see you anymore and will not consider you as our son,” Paavan’s family told him.

Paavan never uttered a word but remained confident in the truth of his Savior.

Looking for a way to punish Paavan for his disobedience in turning away from their traditional faith, Paavan’s father chased him and his family out of the village. Though they were greatly discouraged by the way his parents treated them, Paavan and his family counted it a privilege to suffer for Christ.

Now, Paavan and his wife work in people’s homes for their daily wages and regularly spend time with other believers in the church, which helps them to be confident in their faith and feel part of the family there. Paavan remains firm in trusting Jesus despite difficulties.

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