Jesus Changed Her Heart

Woman spending time with Jesus - Gospel for Asia - KP YohannanHaneet grew up with a notoriously bad temper and often cursed in her rage. When Haneet first met Nanditha, a Gospel for Asia (GFA) woman missionary, she mocked her beliefs.

“All gods are the same,” Haneet said. “There is nothing different between the gods that the Christians or anyone else are worshiping. The difference is only in the name. They all lead to the same destiny.”

Haneet faithfully followed the traditional religion of her ancestors. She was devoted to her gods and found no need to worship another.

Nanditha, along with the other women missionaries with her, explained the uniqueness of Christ, but Haneet’s ears were closed. Despite her lack of interest and her reputation for having a bad temper, Haneet was very friendly with Nanditha. When Nanditha told her about a special event she could attend to find out more about Jesus, Haneet surprisingly decided to come.

There, she initially thought the Word of God was nonsense. It bored her. But God was working in her heart, and as she continued to listen, a missionary shared a message on John 3:16. This message of God’s great love still puzzled Haneet.

When she had the opportunity, Haneet asked the missionary a question about Jesus. And then another question, and another.

With the help of the Lord, the missionary answered Haneet’s questions and helped her understand the Word of God more clearly. She started realizing what made Jesus so different. As she considered her own life and saw her own sin, she asked Jesus for His mercy and cleansing.

After that day, she wasn’t the same.

A New Heart

Haneet fell in love with the Bible and spent as much time as she could between its covers. She also spent time fellowshipping with other believers. Her parents and siblings didn’t like that she had changed and embraced Christ. They regularly scolded her and disrupted her quiet times with Jesus. They also started sending her out to work on Sundays so she couldn’t go to church.

Despite the persecution and ridicule Haneet faced from her family, she continued steadfastly in prayer and her devotion to God. Many of Haneet’s friends have seen her anger disappear and be replaced by a kind heart and a patient spirit. As they ask questions, wondering how this metamorphosis could be possible, they are learning about the God who transforms hearts.


God showed His love to Haneet through Nanditha and gave His wisdom to the missionary so he could answer Haneet’s questions. Our other brothers and sisters on the mission field need this same wisdom and love. Find out how you can pray for national missionaries as they share the Good News of Jesus with those who have never heard His name.

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