She Prayed for Two Years

woman praying and fasting - Gospel for Asia - KP YohannanRidhima hadn’t eaten for three days. Her stomach protested. Her body felt weak. One more time, she clasped her hands, closed her eyes and lifted up a prayer to the Lord Jesus. But she didn’t pray for food—she prayed for Jesus to touch the heart of one of the women in the village. She asked Him to save Manjyot.

Ridhima and Manjyot had known each other for about two years, ever since Manjyot had moved into the village. Ridhima, a Gospel for Asia (GFA) national missionary, had lived in the village for some time and worshiped the Lord at a local church she had helped start.

When Ridhima and Manjyot first met, Ridhima couldn’t help but tell Manjyot about her Savior, Jesus. She even offered Manjyot some booklets about Him, but Manjyot didn’t want them. She said she didn’t believe in such things.

For two years, the two women interacted like this. Ridhima always overflowed with love for Jesus in their exchanges, while Manjyot rejected every word. She’d even tell others not to listen to Ridhima or believe anything she said when she would overhear Ridhima sharing about Christ with other villagers.

But Ridhima did not lose heart. She regularly prayed for Manjyot, trusting the Lord would touch her in a special way. After a particularly intense time of fasting and prayer, Ridhima saw God working.

Manjyot started showing some interest in Jesus. She sometimes listened when Ridhima spoke.

One day, she even took Ridhima up on her offer and decided to attend a worship service.

That morning, as the pastor spoke about Jesus’ great love and power to save and forgive, Ridhima saw her prayers answered in a powerful way. God touched Manjyot’s heart, and she believed.

Today, the young woman who didn’t trust a single word Ridhima said now stands beside the missionary, telling others about the great love of her Savior.

When Kanti and Reva first arrived, the villagers didn’t respect them. But God used their faithfulness to impact the lives of many, including the woman who liked them least of all.

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  1. Victoria

    How wonderful! Glory to God. This inspires me to keep praying for those I know who aren’t saved.

  2. Lincy

    God is a prayer answering God time is not the matter, Jesus says if you have mustard seed like faith, you can move the mountain, I thank God for removing a mountain of sin from
    Manjyot’ and I praise God for Ridhima’s faith, and fervent prayer. As per Eze 22:30 she stood in the gap, God bless you

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