Elderly Couple Fears Losing Wealth

Elderly couple finds hope - Gospel for Asia - KP YohannanThe man and his wife strained year after year tending their field and raising their livestock in order to gain riches. They rendered sacrifice after sacrifice to their gods, seeking their blessings and dreading their curses.

Their efforts paid off.

Decades later, with their children grown and moved out, Deepak and Padma had plenty to live on.

But it wasn’t enough.

They were getting older, and they knew one day soon, the wealth they had labored all their lives for would slip out of their hands, and they would pass away.

Where would they be then? They clutched for what eluded them.

Then a pastor showed up at their door.

Something Steady to Hope In

In talking with the elderly couple, Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Fadi shared with them about Christ.

“I have enough property and am satisfied with what I have,” Deepak told the pastor. “I have toiled hard, day and night, to gain all these belongings.”

Then Deepak shared his fears: “Now I don’t want to leave all the fruits of my labor as my age is advancing.”

Throughout the hours of their conversation, God worked in Deepak’s heart, and he began to think about the transience of earthly wealth.

After that day, Pastor Fadi would sometimes stop by the couple’s house to talk and pray with them. Deepak and Padma began visiting the church, and as the Lord worked in their hearts, the couple slowly began looking to Jesus, in whom they found hope for their lives and their future. They surrendered their worries and riches to Him, knowing He would take care of them.

They are now part of the local church, where Pastor Fadi is helping them grow in Christ.

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