The Singing Pastor

Pastor Navashen sang about Jesus' love - Gospel for Asia - KP YohannanAhead, around, and now behind him, there were shouts and whispers as people called to one another, proclaiming his arrival. Soon a small crowd formed, closing in on every side, reaching out, reaching up. Joy spilled from the Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor as he reached down to touch a little boy on the head. Pastor Navashen was surrounded by children.

The children had come to know and love this man, but when Pastor Navashen first came to this village a year earlier, no one knew anything about him or the Savior he loved to sing about.

Satisfying Hearts Through Song

When Gospel for Asia (GFA) Pastor Navashen offered to start a tuition center for the children in this village, the parents happily agreed, and children thronged.

The little ones received help with their classes and learned songs about the God who loves them, songs they joyfully carried home to their families.

Little Joshila, 13, was especially happy after she visited the tuition center one day. She enjoyed the action songs she learned, but she was particularly touched by the pastor’s prayers.

“I was suffering from tooth pain, and often I used to get sick,” she shared. “Pastor Navashen prayed for me, and since that day, my tooth problems were gone. Now I am fully cured.”

After a time, some of the women from the village came to learn the songs the little ones sang. They soon wanted to know more about Jesus and His Word, so the pastor started a daily Bible class for them, sharing from the Scriptures about Jesus and His incredible love. The women had never heard anything like it.

People started meeting with the pastor on Sundays, eager to learn more about the One whose love could satisfy their longing hearts.

Still Singing and Serving

Today, Pastor Navashen continues to minister in this village and several other villages nearby, sharing the love of His Savior through song. He prays for those who are sick and visits those in need. Many have testified of God’s healing touch in their lives.

Through simple songs, genuine love and faithful prayers, the Lord has reached through Pastor Navashen to touch the hearts of children and adults alike.


This is just one story of God’s miraculous love reaching out through song to touch hearts ready and eager to know Him. Read about a VBS program that changed the lives of two young men who attended—even though they were in their 20s.

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  1. Kathryn

    Singing songs -God bless you.

  2. Linda

    God really used him with singing! It reminds me of Ann Kimmel!

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