Landslide Victims Receive Comfort and Aid

Landslide Victims Receive Comfort and AidIn West Bengal, India, landslides and flooding have devastated the land and caused the death of more than 40 individuals in Darjeeling district alone. Farms, livestock and homes are destroyed and roads have been blocked, disabling aid to come in swiftly.

In a little hilly village where 60 families live, almost everyone has suffered major loss from the flooding. The heartbeat of the village—farming—has been destroyed as rains have ruined crops. Every member of seven families lost their lives and many more are left homeless.

Upon seeing their condition, Pastor Samen, who is a Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor in this region, along with missionaries and surrounding pastors, took quick action to offer relief to the people of this village. Through the love and care of the Lord and the donations of people around the world, they were able to distribute many items.

Compassion Services teams handed out 31 bags of rice; 162 pounds each of cooking oil, dal and sugar; 20 tarps; and 30 bundles of tin sheets to 15 needy families. The recipients gratefully received aid.

The villagers now have a new hope for the future and are able to carry on through this difficult time.

Please pray:
– For those who have gotten aid in this village, that their hearts would be encouraged through the kindness and love of Christ that they have experienced.

– For the Compassion Service teams to have strength and genuine love and concern as they bring aid to many.

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