Drawn to the Shouts Next Door

After receiving prayer in the name of Jesus, many people in Asia are finding freedom.Kamala had prayed to numerous gods and goddesses since she was a young girl. As an adult, she followed these deities with great devotion, spending much of her time worshiping at various holy sites.

During a religious festival one day, after Kamala had finished her rituals, she suddenly fell to the ground in a heap. Her husband, Yamha, scooped her up and brought her home, but he soon became worried.

Kamala changed that day.

She started to behave inappropriately and say vulgar things to her husband. Kamala’s family was confused at first, uncertain of what ailed Kamala, but they soon determined an evil power had overcome her. Yamha took Kamala to see medical doctors and sorcerers in an attempt to relieve her of her struggle, but none could help her.

One day, while inside her room, Kamala began shouting.

“I can kill anyone who disturbs me! I hate you!” she seethed—in a voice loud enough to be heard by her neighbor, Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Haroon.

When Pastor Haroon came over and saw Kamala yelling, he came to the same conclusion her family had come to: She needed help, and he knew the One who could restore her.

“If you believe in Jesus Christ, then surely your wife will be delivered,” he told Yamha.

Having tried everything else to relieve his wife from her torment, Yamha replied, “Yes, I do believe in Jesus Christ, that He is the only one who can save my wife from the evil spirit.”

Pastor Haroon immediately began praying for Kamala to be healed. After an hour of the pastor’s persistent prayer, the evil spirit left Kamala completely.

Kamala found liberation from her torment, experienced the cleansing power of Christ and came to know Him as her Savior. Many have heard her testimony and, as a result, have come to better understand the power and faithfulness of God. Though Kamala’s life was once full of vulgarity and hatred, she is now filled with the love and presence of Jesus.

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  1. Jessica

    Awesome!! Glory to God!

  2. Andy

    Amen, thank you Jesus:)

  3. JPinBJ77

    Amen! Satan’s demon has to flee at the powerful name of Jesus! Rejoicing with Kamala and her family.

  4. Ji-Hee

    Praise the Lord for His unending love and compassion over the lost!! Yes, we are not fighting against the flesh but the power and authorities of the darkness, Satan!!

  5. Robert

    it is great to read that Pastor Haroon and the rest of the Pastor doing our Lord work in the World where it is needed so much PRAISE OUR LORD AMEN

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