Students Help Organize Blood Drive in Earthquake-Devastated Nepal

Bible-college students helped organize a blood drive in Nepal.Over the past three months, Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported Compassion Services teams have distributed rice, lentils, salt, solar-powered lanterns, tarps and many other needed items to earthquake victims in Nepal, but there’s one thing they hadn’t given: their own blood.

That changed on July 13, when students and staff of a Bible college in Nepal joined with a local chapter of the Nepal Red Cross Society to organize a blood drive.

After the first earthquake struck on April 25, the blood supply in Kathmandu dropped drastically because many earthquake victims needed blood transfusions. Because people are busy rebuilding their lives in the wake of the earthquake, few blood drives have taken place to replenish the supply.

In addition to the Bible college staff and students and Nepal Red Cross Society members, four local nurses and some local residents helped make the event possible. Overall, 45 people—26 Bible college students and 19 local residents—donated blood.

“I am very happy to be involved in this program jointly with [the church],” shared a representative of the Nepal Red Cross Society, adding that they have worked together with Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported ministries for at least 11 years.

“I am happy to donate blood for the needy people. … To donate blood is to save someone’s life,” said one of the Bible college students.

Yashmit, the principal of the Bible college, explained the motivation behind the blood drive by saying, “The Lord Jesus has commanded us, ‘Love your neighbors as yourself.’ This is our small attempt to obey our Lord Jesus and to love the neighbors through a blood donation program.”

Please pray for:

  • God to bless all those who participated in the blood drive and draw them close to Him.
  • God to continue using the Bible college students to bring honor to Him as they serve others.
  • God’s protection on the lives of those affected by the Nepal earthquake.
  • God to continue providing wisdom and resources to ministry leaders as they seek to help earthquake victims in effective ways.

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