Wonder-working Power in the Blood

God uses Gospel literature to touch hearts.Throughout the day, 43 people passed through the cluster of clinic chairs sitting in a park to donate blood. Among them was Bhe, a man in his 30s donning worn-out clothes, unpolished shoes and ragged hair.

Nearby churches led by Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastors had partnered with the local Red Cross Society to host the blood drive. When someone asked Bhe what compelled him to come, a thin smile splayed across his lips.

“One hour ago,” Bhe began, “[while I was] on the street outside of this park, a small girl handed me a small booklet named ‘The Heart of Raju.’ I finished reading it within a minute, and it changed my heart. I came here to give my blood, as I knew from the small girl that the blood donation program was organized by Christians. You know, I felt that I came face to face with Christ Jesus.”

Bhe explained that he had heard of Jesus before and knew of a church in his home village, but he had never been.

“Now, I must go,” he said.

The Gospel for Asia (GFA) staff members helping with the event joyfully gave Bhe the address and the pastor’s name for the church in his village.

Because of one young girl, one small booklet and one blood drive, Bhe found a new sense of love and peace in his heart. Now he knows more about the One who shed His own blood for him to have eternal life!

Throughout South Asia, God is using literature, like the booklet Bhe received, to awaken in people a curiosity about His Son. Read how a booklet on a rooftop helped save Shanti from suicide.

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