Quenching the Thirst to Learn

BH14-0006_1Marmi rushed through her chores, excited for an afternoon meeting. With five children and a house to take care of, she didn’t have much spare time, but to Marmi, the meeting was well worth the sacrifice.

Never a Chance to Learn

The firstborn of 10 children, Marmi never had an opportunity to learn how to read. Instead of going to school she helped take care of the family. The older she became, the less likely it was for her to have an education. Years passed, and Marmi got married to a Christian man, she became busy with family life, so she bore the struggles of not being able to read or write.

Literacy Class Brings Hope

One day this all began to change. In Marmi’s church there were a few other women who were illiterate. Reading the Bible was impossible for them. Seeing the great need, the local Women’s Fellowship started a literacy class at the church. Marmi was overjoyed for the chance she now had to learn. After six months of hard work, she was able to read the Bible in her own language!
As time went on, the knowledge that Marmi gained encouraged her, helping her to become more confident and inspiring her to keep learning how to write. Marmi is now a shining testimony for many other women learning to read.

“There was a time when I was not comfortable to mingle with literate women in the village, and often, I felt neglected,” Marmi said.
“All credit goes to God for helping me learn to read . . . even at this age. Thanks to the Women’s Fellowship leaders who have initiated such a noble program.”
Marmi now helps lead the Women’s Fellowship and even shares from God’s Word from time to time. By her example, she motivates many illiterate women in her village to learn. Her life has shown nothing is too difficult for the Lord to do through someone who is willing to learn.

Reading and writing are treasured gifts that not many women receive. But this is changing for women like Dayita. Read her story.

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