Son Teaches Mother to Read

Son Teaches Mother to Read As Benu heard the sound of the letters of the alphabet, she realized her dream was coming true. She looked up at her son as he stood teaching the class of adults. He looked so grown up. He was still a young man, but he had received the treasure of an education, something Benu had always desired for all her children—something she never had herself.

Married at 17—Never Learned to Read

Benu grew up in a very religious home, and as the oldest, she bore a lot of responsibilities. As was customary in her village, Benu stayed at home and cared for her family instead of going to school. She desired to learn, but at the youthful age of 17 she married, and the opportunity to learn decreased all the more as she began her new life.

One year after she was married, Benu’s life began to change. Benu and her husband, Tapur, found the hope of Christ and got involved in the local church. As the years passed, the Lord blessed the couple with four sons. Benu strongly desired her sons to be educated, as both she and her husband hadn’t received that chance.

Gladness filled her heart as she watched her boys make their way to school each morning. Unlike their parents, they wouldn’t have to struggle through daily life illiterate.

Literacy Lessons and Answered Hopes

Benu was very proud of her oldest son, Jyot, who excelled in his studies. Noticing Jyot’s abilities and his strong faith in the Lord, the pastor of their church asked him to teach an adult literacy class. Benu grew overjoyed that she could now learn how to read and write.

After months of practice, Benu was able to read and write and even started helping lead the Women’s Fellowship at her church. Her enthusiasm and vigor delights Tapur as he sees how well she is doing. Benu is excited to be able to now read the Bible and hymnal at church, and continues to practice her studies daily.

Did you know that more than 250 million women in Asia are illiterate? Gospel for Asia’s literacy classes offer new hope to many who have never had the chance to learn how to read and write.

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