A Disrupted Visit to the Temple

A Disrupted Visit to the TempleAsmita couldn’t move one more inch. She and her family were headed to a nearby temple when excruciating pain suddenly filled her stomach. In a matter of minutes, her destination changed from the local temple to the nearest hospital. When 22-year-old Asmita arrived, the doctors could not find the cause of her pain. Asmita’s parents brought her home and called a witch doctor for help.

But even after the witch doctor’s rituals, Asmita’s condition didn’t get better; it grew dangerously worse. Her parents became gravely alarmed when they saw no improvement, so the next day, they hopped on a bus to take Asmita to the hospital once more.

Unexpected Travel Companion Changes Family’s Path

While on the bus, Asmita’s family sat next to a missionary. Although they usually rejected and scolded Christians, they began talking with the missionary as they traveled. Eventually, he found out about Asmita’s sickness. With love and concern, he shared about Christ’s love and encouraged them to go to a church and ask for prayer.

Once again, the family’s travel plans were changed midcourse: Asmita wanted to go to church more than she wanted to go to the hospital.

As soon as Asmita was able, she found a nearby church, which was led by a Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor, and told the pastor she wanted to follow Jesus. Surprised, the pastor shared with her about the love of Christ and prayed for her healing. He also began visiting her home to talk more with her and her family and to keep praying for her healing from her stomach pain. Soon, the Lord revealed His glory to Asmita and healed her fully!

Finding Healing and Rejection Intertwined

The grace and healing touch of Jesus brought Asmita and her family to the feet of Jesus. But their new faith was soon tested when the people of her village found out.
Asmita’s neighbors were not happy with her decision to follow her Healer, something many other healed Christians have experienced.

Many times the villagers threatened Asmita and asked her to deny her faith in Christ.

But even through all the testing and trials the villagers put her through, Asmita didn’t give in to their pressure and pain.

“If you want to be a follower of Jesus,” the villagers warned Asmita, “you must leave this village.”

“I am willing to die for Christ,” Asmita responded with courage. “I am not willing to deny my faith for I know He is my refuge and strength.”

Shocked by her bold and courageous response, the villagers left the young woman alone. After this encounter, Asmita never again faced opposition.

Asmita is growing in her faith at the local church and helps with all the activities.

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