Slum Fire Destroys Homes

1On Nov. 14, a house situated in a slum in Kolkata, West Bengal, caught fire. Because houses in slum areas are built close together, some sharing a wall, the fire spread quickly to the nearby houses.

Around 20 homes belonging to Christians were destroyed. Thankfully, no one was injured as the flames turned their homes into ash.

No news has surfaced as to how the accident began. The local municipality constructed a temporary shelter for those who are now homeless, while Gospel for Asia (GFA) responded to the believers’ immediate needs by providing blankets and mosquito nets.

“The believers and the Sunday school children are now helpless,” reports a Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported field correspondent. “Please pray for these believers and Sunday school children, that the Lord will comfort them.”

Pray also for:

  • Relief and comfort for those who currently do not have a place to call home.
  •  The reconstruction of homes.
  • Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported workers to know how to effectively minister to and help those living in this slum area.

Update: 11/20/2015

The 20 homes that the fire destroyed belonged to the families of children who attend a local Sunday school led by Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported Bible college students. The fire began after an elderly lady forgot to put out a lit candle before she fell asleep. She had used the candle as a source of light while she ventured outdoors in the middle of the night to relieve herself.

Gospel for Asia (GFA) provided blankets and mosquito nets, and soon plans to distribute warm clothing for those who lost their homes and possessions in the accident.

Roshni, a believer whose house was destroyed by the flames, says, “Thank you for helping us. Now we all are encouraged by seeing the love of the Church.”

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  1. harald

    The Blessing of the Lord be with you all, as we pray for you who have lost so much. But you are Alive and can start again to rebilled. God is with you-be strong! He will provide.

  2. JoAnna


  3. Geri

    As these are our brothers and sisters, is it not possible to go beyond our prayers and help together to rebuild these homes? Gospel for Asia, can you let us know if there is a project to direct giving through you to do this for our family in Kolkata?

  4. Ha'aheo

    Be Thankful in all the trails and tribulations we go through. God is alive and watches over us! Prayers to all.

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