Families Receive New Hope

Meet Nadja, Sian and Garv—just a few people who received a gift through a Christmas gift distribution in their area.

“We have no source of income in my family. I know how to stitch clothes, but I couldn’t afford to buy a sewing machine,” Nadja said. “Today my family got new hope to earn money though this sewing machine.”

“I am a farmer and my income, is very low because every year our crops are affected by the flooding. Apart from farming, rearing domestic animals is helpful for one’s family, but due to my low income I cannot afford to buy any animals to rear,” Sian said. “Today my family was blessed with a goat, and I hope it will be a great help for my family in the coming days.”

“I am a laborer,” Garv explained, “and I have to earn money for nine members in my family. Sometimes it is very hard to get one meal a day with my income. Now I have received a pull cart as a gift, and . . . I believe it will be a great help for me [and] for my family.”

Christmas Gift Distribution Offers New Future

These men and women now have hope for the future as they provide for their families by using these practical gifts. They also experienced, in a tangible way, that God loves them.

Gifts like sewing machines, goats and pull carts make a difference and impact the lives of needy families across South Asia, like they did for Nadja, Sian and Garv.

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