A Modern-day Hannah seen as cursed

A Modern-day Hannah

Laksha sat with her friend in the shade of a large tree, sharing about the past 40 years of her journey. When Laksha was 23 years old, she married Gulzar. They worked hard in the tea gardens where they lived and made enough to meet their needs. But for years, their hearts ached with longing for a child. In many […] Read more »

Radio Magazine

When They Tore His Magazine

A college student named Shalva shares how God comforted him through a Gospel for Asia-supported radio ministry. My name is Shalva. I am a regular listener of [a Gospel for Asia-supported] radio program, which is broadcasted in my own district. One day, as usual, I was listening to the radio program . . . in the morning and went to […] Read more »

The Last Tragedy Ended in Hope

The Last Tragedy Ended in Hope

Death. Abandonment. Shame. These conspirators had imprisoned Win Nyunt’s life. She lived with a guilty heart that accused her of all her past mistakes and the decisions she had made that only seemed to lead to other bad decisions. When she endured a barrage of painful events in a span of less than 10 years, she thought all she had […] Read more »

No need for a second amputation

When She Faced a Second Amputation

Saloni’s heart filled with dismay at the doctor’s words. Another amputation? The operation could save her life, but Saloni and her husband had no money to pay for the expense it would bring. What could she do? Saloni wondered if her gods were angry at her. Maybe if she offered them more sacrifices things would get better. Unbearable Pain Four […] Read more »