When She Faced a Second Amputation

No need for a second amputation Saloni’s heart filled with dismay at the doctor’s words. Another amputation? The operation could save her life, but Saloni and her husband had no money to pay for the expense it would bring. What could she do?

Saloni wondered if her gods were angry at her. Maybe if she offered them more sacrifices things would get better.

Unbearable Pain

Four years prior, a wound had appeared on Saloni’s left foot, and it festered for three long years until she treated it with medicine. The medication helped dry the wound, but inside, infection continued to grow. Doctors had no choice but to amputate her leg up to the knee, and Saloni’s health recovered . . . for a time.

A year after her amputation, the same problem resurfaced. Another wound appeared, this time on Saloni’s thigh. When the pain became unbearable, she and her husband consulted a doctor, who suggested another amputation. This time, Saloni and her husband were out of money. They began offering more sacrifices to their deities, hoping to obtain their favor, but nothing worked. Meanwhile, Saloni’s pain grew worse with each day.

Jesus Saw Her Tears

Then one day, Saloni met a Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor named Sugam. Tears streamed down Saloni’s face as she explained her situation to the pastor. He immediately told her about Jesus’ compassion and mighty power. Sugam prayed for the young woman and assured her of the Lord’s ability to heal.

After three weeks of fervent prayer, the pain in Saloni’s thigh reduced, and her wound healed completely. When she went to see the doctor again, he confirmed Saloni’s healing.

At this miraculous news, Saloni was deeply affected and recognized Jesus as God, choosing to place her full trust in Him. Today, she walks side by side with the One who saw her tears and answered her cries for help.

Read how a family found hope and healing in the midst of tragedy through a Gospel for Asia-supported radio program.

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  1. Ben and Erna

    My wife Erna and I have experienced similar happenings, thru’out the 90’s and on. . We worked in Siberia for some 12 years in a small village of 650 residents , and were able to get to know each resident personnally.
    The Scriptures had just become available to them several years ago , and just could not understand it , but God provided and wonderful things happened , in the village , in the school and the community
    May God continue to bless your ministry !

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