Shy child grows in confidence

Special Love for a Withdrawn Child

Sumit stretched his hands out over the sick boy, fervently asking Jesus to heal Niral. During the past two years, Sumit had grown to love the child, and his heart cried out to God on Niral’s behalf. Teacher Invests in Shy Child When Sumit, a social worker serving at a Gospel for Asia-supported Bridge of Hope center, first met Niral […] Read more »

Prayers heal man from leprosy

Rescued from Leprosy and Hopelessness

Leprosy racked Sundrit’s body for eight years. The medications, ointments and treatments he received at the hospital failed to produce healing, as did the traditional god he worshiped. As the years wore on, the young man’s hands and feet began bearing the telling marks of leprosy. After he lost his fingers and toes, Sundrit still managed to find ways to […] Read more »

Impact of Sunday school in Asia

Finding Hope Through the Neighbor Girl

Chamudi looked into her daughter’s questioning brown eyes. How could she resist? Giving her consent, she watched 10-year-old Rashmi trot off to Sunday School with her best friend, a little girl living next door. That day was the start of a new life for Chamudi and her three children. A Family Without a Father Chamudi’s husband, Lakmal, earned a living […] Read more »

Train ride brings man peace

Beacon of Peace Draws Man from Train

As the train pulled to a stop, Arvinda made his decision: He was getting off. Deciding to Get Off All his life, Arvinda had devoutly followed all the teachings and observed all the rituals of his religion, but problems in his family left him without hope or joy. Then he lost his job and remained unemployed for more than a […] Read more »

A widow in Asia

Finding What Floodwaters Can’t Steal

Reena will likely never forget the day the terrible news came. Her second child, still growing within her womb, would never meet his father. “Daddy” would become a distant memory in the mind of her 5-year-old firstborn. The rains that normally brought nourishment to Reena’s community had instead brought devastation. Flooding swept the young mother’s house away, along with all […] Read more »