A New Kind of New Year

  On New Year’s Day in Asia, much like in the United States, many people celebrate by throwing parties, watching fireworks, singing, dancing and enjoying one another’s company. But not all people are able to celebrate the new year. Women who are widows may be rejected and alone, and extra gifts and treats are out of reach for many impoverished […] Read more »

Stomachs Growl While Father is Sick

Jalsa lay unable to move. The pain in her hands and legs, pain she previously thought little of, now proved to be a bigger deal than she imagined. Paralyzed, helpless and unable to work, Jalsa needed some encouragement. Her loving neighbor stopped by for a visit. She prayed for Jalsa and invited her to come to church with her one […] Read more »

Two Goats Provide Great Revenue

Sweating in the open fields every day wasn’t helping to get Ujala’s family out of poverty. It looked as though his five sons would have to follow the continuous cycle of harsh life and struggle. But Ujala had hope, and he prayed God would provide. Ujala didn’t let their circumstance shake his devotion and love for Jesus. He firmly believed […] Read more »

Building Each Other Up

Pastor Tanan tried his best, but he couldn’t do it alone. There were so many needy families in his church, and he didn’t have the resources to provide for everyone. Then he remembered he wasn’t alone—he was part of the Body of Christ. Gathering together his congregation, GFA-supported pastor Tanan shared the pressing need of Kamsa, a sister in Christ. […] Read more »