Stomachs Growl While Father is Sick

Jalsa was healed after seven months of suffering from paralysis.
Jalsa was healed after seven months of suffering from paralysis.

Jalsa lay unable to move. The pain in her hands and legs, pain she previously thought little of, now proved to be a bigger deal than she imagined. Paralyzed, helpless and unable to work, Jalsa needed some encouragement. Her loving neighbor stopped by for a visit. She prayed for Jalsa and invited her to come to church with her one day—an invitation that would change Jalsa’s life.

A Miracle and the Body of Christ

For seven long months, Jalsa suffered from this paralysis, but after dedicated prayer from the pastor and church congregation, Jalsa witnessed the healing power of God in her life. The pain was gone and she could move!

Through this miracle, Jalsa and her family experienced the power of God in their lives and decided to live for Him. They began walking in the newness of life, but a new struggle came their way: Jalsa’s husband, Taha, who worked as a daily wage laborer in the fields, fell severely ill. He was so weak he couldn’t even work, which meant the family’s responsibilities fell on Jalsa’s shoulders.

Single-handedly, Jalsa began to find daily work to meet her family’s needs. Much of the money Jalsa earned went for Taha’s medication. Food became scarce, and hungry stomachs began to growl, longing for food to fill them. Her children were going to school without food, and their poverty became extreme.

Their church family helped in every way they could. Sometimes they made meals for them or collected money to pay for Taha’s needs. Meanwhile, their pastor was formulating a plan to help them long-term.

A Moving Gift

Jalsa and her family now reap the benefits from the health-giving milk. This simple gift brought financial breakthrough in their lives!

By God’s grace, Jalsa and her family were gifted a cow and a calf through a Christmas gift distribution. Overjoyed, Jalsa received this helpful gift—it came at the perfect time.

Now, through the cow’s nourishing milk, Jalsa didn’t have to purchase as much food for her family, and their health started to improve. During the time of her husband’s illness, they were able to have the money they needed for his medication.

Now, Taha is healed and able to work again. Today this precious family reaps the benefits of the cow and calf they received in their moment of great need. They drink the cow’s delicious health-giving milk. Not only does this milk provide strength for their bodies, but through this gift, they have also grown in their faith as they see how God truly provides for them and loves them!

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  1. n crawford

    i love seeing the pictures of these beautiful saints! we will be spending eternity with them, and it is such a thrill to know they have been transferred from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of His light!

  2. Beverley

    It is such a pleasure that we and others can help. What fun it is to serve God when we see so much good come from it. Thank you LORD for letting us know who to bless and how to bless. To your glory and out good. Be3

  3. Grahame

    Thank you for these glorifying stories! Love to read of the goodness of God! Hallelujah what a Saviour!

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