Building Each Other Up

Kamsa received tin sheets, and a brand new home of her own, like this one, in her time of great need!
Kamsa received tin sheets and a brand new home of her own, like this one, in her time of great need!

Pastor Tanan tried his best, but he couldn’t do it alone. There were so many needy families in his church, and he didn’t have the resources to provide for everyone. Then he remembered he wasn’t alone—he was part of the Body of Christ.

Gathering together his congregation, Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Tanan shared the pressing need of Kamsa, a sister in Christ. Together, as a family, they could do what was impossible for one pastor, and they all agreed to help Kamsa out.

Tin Sheets but No Money

Kamsa’s husband left her the year prior. Now she was living in the very small house of her relative with her 10-year-old daughter. As a daily wage laborer, Kamsa earned just enough to get by. But she needed a house of her own.

During a Christmas gift distribution, Pastor Tanan arranged for Kamsa to receive two bundles of tin sheets. After receiving such a substantial start on her new home, the future looked hopeful. But as time carried on, Kamsa realized she still couldn’t afford the other resources to build a house of her own.

This matter laid heavy on Pastor Tanan’s heart. He tried his utmost to do what he could, but he also couldn’t afford to build her a house. Then a beautiful idea came to mind: He asked his congregation to help build Kamsa a house of her own.

With gladness, the believers labored together to build Kamsa a small home in a short amount of time. Pastor Tanan dedicated the community-built home, and now Kamsa and her daughter live comfortably in a place they can call their own. Kamsa was so happy to receive this incredible gift.

“I am very thankful to Pastor Tanan and all my local church believers. It is all because of their help and support that I could build my small house,” Kamsa said. “Though it is a very small house, for me this is like a [two-story] building because this is my own house.”

Because the Body of Christ gathered around Kamsa in her time of need and worked together to build her a small home, finishing it off with the tin sheets she received from the Christmas gift distribution, she now has a place of shelter and hope. Let us remember to pray and ask the Lord to continue to provide for more resources so many more people may receive aid and be lifted out of poverty.

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