Hated by Society, Loved by God

Society hated Miny. No one, not even her relatives, dared touch her. People saw her as cursed, sinful and unclean. She lived alone in a small house, shunned and despised.

It wasn’t Miny’s fault, but for 17 years she suffered because of a disease her body held. The disease stole away more than her nerves and dignity—it stole away her means of life. Inside, underneath the wounds and sores, she was an ordinary woman but not treated as one—Miny was a leprosy patient.

A Faithful Husband, Though Rejected

The only person Miny knew loved her was her husband, Sijo. Sijo cared for his wife. He’d bandage the wounds on her hands and feed her food every day. He tended to her needs with love and sympathy. Though the entire family suffered ostracism because of Miny’s disease, Sijo’s love held fast for his bride.

Miny, however, felt ashamed of her condition. Held captive by her sickness, she wasn’t able to cook or do any household chores. She had no friends or visitors because she didn’t receive acceptance by the villagers. But God loved her, and He sent His servant to show her how precious her life is to Him.

Finding Kindness

Like this pastor, Pastor Mita understands the power of prayer. He faithfully prayed for Miny twice a day for three months.

Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported Pastor Mita showed up at Miny’s house one day. Unlike most people in the village, Pastor Mita didn’t hesitate to be involved in Miny’s life. He visited her little house and shared about the immense love of Jesus. His actions and prayers displayed the character of Christ in Miny’s broken life.

It filled Miny with wonder that this man would care enough to show kindness to her. Pastor Mita didn’t reject her like society had. As Pastor Mita explained the love of God, Miny and Sijo easily realized Jesus is a God of great compassion.

Steadfast Prayer and Victory

Every morning and evening Pastor Mita came to Miny’s house to pray for her. Pastor Mita’s faithful prayers and the love he showed to Miny caused her faith to bloom and grow. With a steadfast heart and great faith, Pastor Mita continued this routine of prayer for three months.

During this season of prayer, Miny saw a vision that reassured her heart and spirit that she would be healed. As days passed, the answer to their prayers took form as Miny’s wounds began to dry. Within a few days of this improvement, the Lord healed Miny completely!

This miracle caused both Miny and Sijo to trust Jesus as their Healer, and they decided they wanted God’s love in their lives forever.

Miny, like this woman, has been healed from leprosy completely! She is now able to cook and do her household chores.

Now Miny can cook, clean and go about her daily chores. Her life is back and she is gaining more trust and dignity in her society. Miny’s family members now feel comfortable to be around her, and they marvel at and glorify God for His obvious healing in her life!

God used His servant Mita to touch the life of a hurt and fragile woman in a special way. Whom others rejected and despised, God loved and treasured, and through the willing life of Pastor Mita, Miny experienced the love of God personally in her own priceless life.

Read how the Lord used the life of Pastor Manaar and the church to encourage a widow struggling with leprosy.

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  1. manuela

    This is so beautiful! Thank you Jesus, you all are doing such a great work for the Lord!
    I pray for you all,
    Much love, Manuela

  2. Faith

    This is amazing and beautiful. Really touched by your love and what the lord is doing through you. His compassion is at work. Love you all so much

  3. Maurice

    Warriors for Christ!! Doing exactly what Jesus would have done!! Felt the Love ❤️ of God touch my heart ❤️ so deeply! Go on and keep doing what you all doing … and let the helpless n poor feel n see the love of Jesus through you warriors for Christ !!

  4. Grace

    Happy happy for what God has done for her, bless

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