Sanitation, Safety and the Savior

Reuel and his family[pictured] were overjoyed when their church constructed a toilet for them. Now they have a private and safe place to use the restroom.

As the cement walls of the small frame came up, excitement swirled among the neighbors. With enthusiasm and joy, Mae told those who gathered about their new toilet.

Seeing the Need and Meeting it

Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Vikranta was Mae’s pastor. He had the joy of nurturing and watching her and her husband, Reuel, grow in the Lord and learn to love Him more. As he cared for their spiritual needs, pastor Vikranta also saw this family struggle in poverty.

Like many others in their village, Reuel and his family had no toilet facility and had to use the open field early in the morning. They especially struggled during the rain. Mae often felt unsafe and uneasy having to go out in the open, visible to any prying eye, but she had no other choice. Although Reuel and Mae made plans to construct a toilet of their own, they couldn’t come up with the funds to start the project.

Pastor Vikranta aimed to change this, and he requested a toilet to be built for them outside their home. During construction, excitement unfolded among the villagers and many asked Pastor Vikranta to build them a toilet, too. As the walls of the toilet went up, their desire increased to hear more about Jesus and His love.

Encouraging those who lived nearby to use the helpful gift whenever it was needed, Mae told her neighbors, “Our church has built the sanitation [toilet] for us.”

So Thankful for Their Toilet

After the long-awaited toilet was completed, Reuel and his family were overjoyed and deeply grateful. God fulfilled their hope and need of safe sanitation through the prayer and resources of the Gospel for Asia (GFA) community and its partners worldwide. Not only does this family have a safe place to use the restroom, but the toilet stands as a testimony of God’s faithfulness to those in their sphere of influence. It is setting a pathway for many to find the true hope of Jesus and His cleansing love.

Toilets bring dignity to communities and individuals. Read how a toilet blessed a widow and her children’s lives.

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  1. mary

    It is amazing to see how sometimes we take for granted our toilets while on the other side of the world, people pray for it…. it makes me feel that I have more than what I need and grateful for Gods grace toward me and my family.

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