A Longsuffering Friendship

Latha, a widowed missionary with two sons (pictured), prayed earnestly for Bheru to come to the redeeming love of Christ.

Prayers saturated the hospital room. Fear fled at the sound of Latha’s voice, filled with strength and confident faith. Latha encouraged the young couple as she reminded them again to trust in God. Aarushi continued in labor; Latha’s words, words she once avoided and dreaded, seemed now to comfort her heart. Somehow, Latha’s prayers and steadfast faith gave Aarushi strength.

Mental Illness, Healing and Forgetfulness

Three years earlier, Aarushi’s husband, Bheru, battled mental illness. His mother had asked Latha, a Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported woman missionary, to pray for him to receive healing. After Latha prayed, Bheru and his mother started going to church, and soon, the Lord healed Bheru completely. But even after experiencing God’s healing, Bheru didn’t walk with Jesus. He left his village and stopped attending church.

It seemed as though Bheru had taken lightly the testimony of God in his own life and had forgotten the answered prayers. Instead of trusting the Lord and loving the God who showed such kindness and love toward him, Bheru went his own way and later married Aarushi, who was not interested in the One who healed him.

Steadfast in Prayer

Latha didn’t forget about Bheru. She prayed regularly for him and visited his home to encourage him in the Lord. But Aarushi showed no curiosity in what Latha shared and tried to avoid Latha whenever she came to visit.

It had been a longsuffering journey Latha endured on her knees. She longed for Bheru to know Christ. This is why she rejoiced when she received an unexpected phone call from Bheru one day. It appeared he hadn’t forgotten the power of prayer after all.

When Bheru told Latha his wife Aarushi was in labor with their firstborn child, she rushed to the hospital to encourage and pray for her. Soon a healthy baby girl was born, and a new faith in Jesus sprouted in Bheru’s and Aarushi’s hearts. The kindness and helpfulness Latha displayed toward Bheru and Aarushi touched them, and later they began to go to church. Every Sunday, without fail, they went to worship the Lord, and now they both want to know Christ and receive His love and grace!

Latha’s example of Jesus’s longsuffering love eventually helped Bheru and Aarushi find the Lord and His redeeming grace.

Together, let us join this family and missionary in praying for Bheru’s father to come to this same hope in Christ Jesus.

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