Falling in Love and Gaining Christ

Tuhinsurra fell in love with Hira and soon learned about Jesus, the true lover of his soul. Now he serves as a Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported national missionary.

Tuhinsurra listened intently to the woman he loved. Her words soothed his peace-lacking heart and gave him much to think about. He learned Jesus died for him, even though he was living in sin. These beautiful, hope-filled words touched Tuhinsurra deeply as he looked into her dark eyes.

Tuhinsurra was brought up in a very religious family. He attended the common festivals with his family and participated in sacrificing to their gods and goddesses. But as Tuhinsurra grew up, he formed friendships with bad company and started drinking and engaging in wrong activities. As he sank deeper into worldly pleasures, Tuhinsurra’s peace left him. It was during this season in his life when Tuhinsurra fell in love with a girl named Hira.

Finding True Love

Hira was a lovely Christian girl. When Tuhinsurra pronounced his love and desire to marry her, Hira expressed, that before marriage, he should know about Jesus, the true lover of her soul. So one day he asked her to tell him all about Jesus. Hira readily recounted to Tuhinsurra the story of her Redeemer, the God of love.

Hira’s words deeply moved Tuhinsurra, and he wanted God’s incredible love and mercy for himself. But when Tuhinsurra’s parents found out about his new life in Christ, they became angry and refused to let Tuhinsurra live with them. Even facing this opposition, Tuhinsurra married Hira and they began to build a life together on their own, with Christ as their foundation. Every Sunday, the married couple attended worship services.

It brought joy and delight to Hira’s heart as she watched her husband grow in the Lord. She saw the Lord changing Tuhinsurra greatly, and she prayed for a similar transformation in his parents. Through Hira’s committed, steadfast prayers, Tuhinsurra and Hira witnessed the Lord answer her petitions for Tuhinsurra’s parents. Soon, they were all united in their love for Christ.

As Tuhinsurra continued to grow in his faith and love for Jesus, he felt the Lord burdening his heart for those around him who were still walking as he once did. He wanted them to find the peace of Jesus that had ministered to his own troubled heart. Soon Tuhinsurra dedicated his life to serving the Lord and enrolled in a Bible college. Today, Tuhinsurra and Hira serve the Lord together as they raise their two young children.

Love Never Fails

God used the woman Tuhinsurra fell in love with to show him the true meaning of love and the depth of Christ’s unending love for all people. Through Hira’s steadfast faith and prayers, now many are getting the chance to know the Lord as she and her husband share the love of God with those who are hurting and in need of Christ’s peace!

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