Health for the Next Generation

Women in various villages received training through health care seminars organized by Women’s Fellowships.

Women listened intently to the speaker in front of them. New ideas and thoughts whirled through their heads, and a sense of deep gratitude and hope filled some of their anxious hearts. As they left the class, the women carried home precious information that could impact many future generations.

Life-changing Advice

Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported Women’s Fellowships all across Asia conducted health care seminars to help women understand more about good health and hygiene practices. Women received different training in how to deep clean a home, stay healthy, take care of themselves during pregnancy and how to care for their family’s health.

“I had a lot of false beliefs about pregnancy and marriage,” one lady said after attending a Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported health care seminar in Nepal.

Many of these women had never heard the importance of health care, the dangers of child marriage and how to properly care for themselves and their unborn child during pregnancy.

“After listening to all these teachings, I now fully understood the importance of taking care of our health,” one woman named Ramita explained. “I have three growing daughters, and I promise to teach them, as well as all my villagers, regarding their health.”

Others testified, “We learned a lot of new things, and we also learned the mistakes we committed due to ignorance.”

The women left the seminars with a great desire, passion and drive in their hearts to encourage their daughters and other women they encounter with the knowledge they have gained. Now they hold the wisdom of how to better care for their bodies and their families—skills that will impact their daughters, granddaughters and villages.

One of the participants, Mamta, has a son who has been handicapped since birth.

“After listening to all those teachings, I realized that due to my lack of knowledge about health, my son is in this condition,” Mamta shared. “But now, through this health care training program, I came to know that it is very important for every woman to know about the health care of their family so that the same incident may not occur like me. I am so grateful to the Lord and to the church for taking up such a great project to uplift the society, especially the illiterate women, those who have lack of knowledge about the importance of health.”

Spreading the Knowledge to the Next Generation

By God’s grace, many women have received care and training in a loving and compassionate environment from the Women’s Fellowships health care seminars. These women can also be a voice of hope, spreading the word about good hygiene to the next generation!

A GFA-supported Bridge of Hope center organized a hand washing program to help teach children and their families how to practice good hygiene.

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  1. Mindy

    I am a registered nurse. Are used to live in India and I am longing to go back to anywhere in Asia that God would call me. I am waiting for his timing and clarity, yet I know for sure he has going to the nations A part of my future. Do you all need healthcare workers to work in Asia? Are you already fully staffed? I’m just wondering if you need any help.

  2. Maria

    I am praying always, daily. May the Lord bless you and keep you

  3. Emma

    Praying for God to open doors for you and clear guidance for your life. Thank you for your willingness to follow His call. May you bless many with His love.

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