A Father’s Heart Trapped in a Bottle

Giri [not pictured] was held captive under his addiction to alcohol. It wasn’t until the Lord worked through a Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor that his life began to turn around and change completely!
Giri’s life was a picture of demolition. Day after day, from sun up to sun down, his life centered around buying and consuming alcohol. Giri’s cravings bound his working hands, causing him to neglect all of his responsibilities in the attempt to satisfy his addiction.

His family’s basic needs like food, clothing and even schooling for his young sons, were an afterthought. He didn’t take his job seriously, and when he did work, it was only for the money to keep drinking. When Giri drank heavily, his wife and boys suffered harsh beatings at his hand, and he would often fight with his neighbors in his drunken rage.

Giri’s addiction trapped his heart in a bottle, with no room for anything or anyone else. His wife and sons withdrew emotionally from him, unable to love him anymore.

Bondage vs. Relationship

One day, local Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Nand visited Giri in his home. Pastor Nand saw the destruction Giri’s alcohol addiction was causing his family and prayed for God to intervene.

As Pastor Nand began speaking into Giri’s life and encouraging him from God’s Word, the message of Christ’s freedom struck a chord in Giri’s captive heart. God wanted to free Giri from his addiction and give him new life in Jesus, and He had a plan to shatter the bottle and set Giri’s heart free. But the process was going to be long, and his love of alcohol needed to be replaced with love for Christ.

Over time, Giri’s relationship with Pastor Nand became a flourishing friendship. Through God’s Word, Giri began to see the heart of Christ, and a desire awoke in his heart to know Jesus. Slowly, the grip of alcohol lessened as he drew closer to the Lord.

The Beginnings of New Life

Giri continued listening to the Word of God and was finally delivered from the bondage of alcoholism. As the Lord’s restoring power worked in Giri, his entire family found freedom from the destruction his addiction had caused.

Giri started taking his responsibilities as a husband and father seriously. He went back to work regularly and used his earnings to take care of his family’s needs.

Life changed dramatically for Giri and his family. Both Giri and his wife responded to the love of Jesus and began regularly attending the local church. Love entered their home in place of hurt and neglect. And it all started with a pastor simply loving a man in great need.

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