Father of Sunday School student finds healing

The Mustached Man at Sunday School

Young arms waved about in the air as 20 children danced to an action song under a tree. In the background, a middle-aged, mustached man seemed to be enjoying himself as much as the children. Curious about Christ Haran had received a piece of literature from his daughter’s Sunday School teachers just a few days before, and it made a […] Read more »

Drinking from a Pig Pond

Sabeena watched clean water trickle out of the BioSand water filter. Impressed by how well the rocks and sand within the cement structure cleaned the water of impurities, she immediately wondered—could her family have one, too? Water was a painful component of life. Due to her husband’s bad reputation, she felt too ashamed to ask for help from others. Using […] Read more »

Dancing Mom, Alone Daughter

While Saima danced in color and fame for the crowds to put food on the family table, her 9-year-old daughter, Raizel, was left alone at home. After Saima’s husband died from alcohol addiction, she had no way to provide for her family. She found meeting the needs of her three daughters to be a heavy load to bear by herself. […] Read more »

Health for the Next Generation

Women listened intently to the speaker in front of them. New ideas and thoughts whirled through their heads, and a sense of deep gratitude and hope filled some of their anxious hearts. As they left the class, the women carried home precious information that could impact many future generations. Life-changing Advice GFA-supported Women’s Fellowships all across Asia conducted health care […] Read more »