The Mustached Man at Sunday School

Attending a Sunday School led by Sisters of Compassion helped Haran and his family (pictured) start a relationship with Christ.

Young arms waved about in the air as 20 children danced to an action song under a tree. In the background, a middle-aged, mustached man seemed to be enjoying himself as much as the children.

Curious about Christ

Haran had received a piece of literature from his daughter’s Sunday School teachers just a few days before, and it made a deep impression on his heart. Undeterred by the age gap between himself and the rest of the class, Haran decided to visit the Sunday School that very week.

The Sunday School teachers, three Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported Sisters of Compassion, welcomed the unexpected visitor and gladly included him in the Sunday School’s activities. The action songs and Bible stories ministered to him, and he became a regular participant. He even encouraged other adults in the community to join the classes under the tree! Over time, 25 people began showing up.

The Sisters of Compassion started holding a worship service after the Sunday School, where the Word of God nourished the lives of those who came. As families learned about the power of God, they asked the sisters to come to their homes to pray for them—and they saw amazing answers to those prayers.

Experiencing the Power of God

One Sunday, Haran was unexpectedly absent from the weekly worship gathering. The Sisters of Compassion inquired after him and learned a health problem was keeping him home. Concerned about Haran, they visited him and encouraged him from the Bible. They even set aside the next three days to fast and pray for his healing. God answered their diligent prayers, and Haran experienced complete healing!

Not long after Haran received healing from God, his wife began to suffer with chest pain. Again, the Sisters of Compassion visited their home and prayed earnestly for her healing. And God extended His healing hand to Haran’s wife as well!

After witnessing God’s mercy in such powerful and tangible ways, Haran and his wife both decided to live for Christ alone. Now they are growing in their knowledge of God and are actively participating in the new local fellowship with others from their community.

Through the Sunday School ministry of these Sisters of Compassion, God planted many seeds in Haran’s heart. And through Haran’s life, now others are interested in the Lord who heals and gives eternal life!


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  1. Libby

    Praise the Lord who is healing and moving today!!

  2. Lucille

    I have seen the Lord move many times like this. The powerful of the blood will not be denied!!!

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