Rabbits Provide Groceries

Rabbits, like this one, can help needy families break out of poverty.

Around 50 families gathered. Tattered clothes and the effects of a hard life marred their appearances. For most, poverty was all they knew and all they imagined their lives would look like. But today would mark a change, a new beginning. The means to ease the sting of want and hunger of each family came as a gift in the form of adorable, furry creatures: a pair of rabbits.

Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Goral was conducting a gift distribution for families he knew were struggling financially. A widow named Tanvi was one of them.

Tanvi had lost her husband many years prior. Her husband had worked as a daily wage laborer, and the family often just scraped by. When he died, Tanvi was left behind with a son to raise and feed. She had hoped the little shop she started would help them out, but it didn’t do as well as she expected. She ended up having to close the shop, leaving her with no other options than manual labor work. It was a weight she found heavy to shoulder.

Sometimes Tanvi would borrow money from her mother, who lived on a meager pension herself, but not often. Life became a seemingly endless struggle, it was not uncommon for Tanvi to skip breakfast and lunch.

The joy and excitement of receiving a pair of cute, fuzzy rabbits impacted Tanvi’s income. The pair of rabbits multiplied quickly. In only a month’s time, Tanvi had 10 newborn rabbit kits. When she sold the kits, she was able to purchase groceries to feed herself and her son.

Not only was Tanvi’s daily life uplifted, but Jesus was working in her heart. She began to understand that He loved her deeply. Moved by Christ’s demonstration of affection for her, Tanvi decided to attend worship services at the local church. Because the people there too knew Jesus’ love, they warmly welcomed Tanvi and her son and began to help tend to her needs.

In the Lord’s hands, a pair of rabbits can make a huge difference in someone’s life. Because someone gave, Tanvi was able to see God’s love and compassion. Now she holds the truth of God’s love in her heart forever!

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