A Church Forced to Keep Quiet

This is Pastor Bandoni, with his wife and two sons, standing in front of their newly built church building.

Kitchen pots and utensils clatter as hurried hands shove them under the bed. Scurrying here and there, Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Bandoni and his wife rearrange their home to prepare for Sunday morning service.

After everyone fills the chairs set out along their room, Pastor Bandoni offers his bed as a place to sit. Some late comers peek in and turn around to go home, seeing the house is already too full. Everyone knows they shouldn’t make too much noise in the pastor’s rented house or else the landlord will get upset again. After the quiet service ends, Pastor Bandoni and his wife move the kitchen things back to their places and store the chairs until next Sunday.

For a few years, the same routine occurred every week. Pastor Bandoni had tried to find another place to hold services, but once landlords found out he was a Christian, most refused to rent space to him. With their growing congregation, it was difficult to fit everyone in his small room.

Finally Able to Make a Joyful Noise

With their new church building the believers can worship the Lord freely and make joyful noises unto Jesus to their hearts content.

Seeing this tremendous need, GFA’s field partners decided to purchase land for Pastor Bandoni and his congregants. By God’s grace, a new church building was completed and dedicated to the Lord. With great joy in Jesus, the congregation is now growing, and they are able to worship the Lord freely with plenty of space for everyone.

“I still remember the day when our [pastor’s] house owner scolded him for inviting so many people in his room,” one brother named Rajveer said. “After that, I personally started praying, and God heard my prayers in His time. Now, I can freely worship my Lord Jesus Christ.”

This is the new church building God provided for the believers to worship Him!

The Lord is strengthening this fellowship day by day, and through God’s mercy and grace, the believers will continue to thrive in Him!

Church buildings in Asia carry a very important message about the believers who use it. Read how a church building ended gossip.

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  1. Carolyn

    Here in America, we take our church buildings for granted. Many never give money to help pay for the heat, air conditioning, and other expenses. Most Americans never fast and pray for anything. I am humbled to read about such wonderful things God is doing in Asia. May God have mercy on us, and call me and my fellow Americans to repent and seek to do His will. May we learn from these faithful believers and put aside our greed!

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