A Cure for Loneliness

“There is nobody to help me,” Maina said. “I have no strength.” Ladies from a Women’s Fellowship listened intently as Maina shared her hardships of being ill. Left Alone to Suffer A year had gone by since doctors told Maina that she had a tumor in her stomach. She did what she could to survive amid her pain, but Maina […] Read more »

Dispensing Love Amid a Slum

Hopelessness and tension permeated the already polluted air. Slum homes lined the open field. Families struggling to provide, fathers addicted to the bottle and helpless widows lived here together, huddled under their makeshift homes. For them, the future looked bleak. But hope walked into the slums as women attired in white and gray saris stepped inside the miserable slum alleyways. […] Read more »

Words She Couldn’t Forget

Eshana’s hands grasped the small booklet and flipped through the pages. She read the content eagerly. As she made her way through each printed word, Eshana felt Someone speaking to her heart. But at that moment, she didn’t understand Who it was. Life in the Tea Fields Eshana’s parents were very religious and practiced their traditional worship devoutly. They even […] Read more »

A Toilet Gives Widow Dignity

Pastor Jaiwant saw the struggles Mayil went through to provide for her family. She needed help and support, but society shunned her instead. Pastor Jaiwant knew how difficult everyday life was, especially because Mayil’s family lacked a proper toilet facility. Too poor to build a toilet, they resorted to using the open tea fields where they lived, often awaking early […] Read more »