Words She Couldn’t Forget

This is beautiful Eshana. She has come to know the love of the Lord after reading literature about Christ. Today, she has joy and peace in Jesus!

Eshana’s hands grasped the small booklet and flipped through the pages. She read the content eagerly. As she made her way through each printed word, Eshana felt Someone speaking to her heart. But at that moment, she didn’t understand Who it was.

Life in the Tea Fields

Eshana’s parents were very religious and practiced their traditional worship devoutly. They even built a holy place for their gods and goddess near their house in order to worship them each morning. They believed their devotion would grant them blessings in life. But due to their family’s poverty, Eshana had to drop out of school when she was in eighth grade to work alongside them in the tea fields.

Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Rahil served in Eshana’s village. He faithfully led a church of more than 40 believers. One day he met the 24-year-old and struck up a conversation with her. She was greatly interested in what he was saying and took the literature he had with him. As Eshana began to read it, she felt it grip her heart. But she didn’t fully understand what it all meant.

Finding Answers, Finding Peace

As Eshana arose in the morning and went about her daily chores, she couldn’t get the words out of her heart. Every day, she found she was without peace inside. Unanswered questions filled her. She couldn’t get it off her mind, so Eshana decided to go find Pastor Rahil.

When Eshana asked Pastor Rahil about Jesus, he joyfully explained everything she wanted to know. Soon Eshana realized she wanted the love Jesus offered her. She began to go to church and readily opened her heart to Jesus. Now Eshana is faithfully living for Jesus and taking every opportunity to serve in the church.

Eshana’s journey to new life and newfound treasure all began because she read the literature she had taken from Pastor Rahil. She now has found love in her Savior, Jesus. Today, Eshana has peace in place of the unrest she felt, and it is her deep desire that her parents, too, will find this love for themselves in the coming days!

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