Medical Camps – Love in Action

Eighty percent of diseases in Asia are preventable and curable. Unfortunately, many people do not have money to afford medical treatment for these various ailments. But GFA-supported medical ministry is making a difference in thousands of lives. Without Help Many people in Asia go without medical treatment because they cannot afford the cost, while others are not aware of basic […] Read more »

The Gift of Literacy and God’s Word

With pencils in hand and a hunger for knowledge, a new world of possibility opened to the 13 women, including Parmila, who had gathered to learn. They listened and observed as their pastor— and now teacher—taught them the meaning and sounds behind symbols they had always seen but never understood. A Global Need Nearly two thirds of the world’s illiterate […] Read more »

Broadcasting Beyond Borders

God works in mysterious ways to express His love to His children and to save them from bondage. One way is through GFA-supported radio stations. Yushan, 25, lived in bondage, but then he heard a radio broadcast. A New Question Day after day, Yushan worked in the jungle to barely make ends meet by cultivating various crops, such as vegetables. His life […] Read more »

Young Boy Turned Laborer After Father Murders Wife

Young Boy Turned Laborer After Father Murders Wife

6-year-old Akmal didn’t know where the train was heading, but he was sure of one thing: He was never going back. Why did his uncle beat him? Why did his father have to kill his mother? Now he was alone and unsure of his future. As the train’s wheels turned on the tracks, Akmal’s life took a turn of its […] Read more »