A Grandfather Witnesses God’s Mercy

Sabal, 55, had never accepted the love of Jesus. Even though his wife, Laboni, was Christian, Sabal remained loyal to his deities. It wasn’t until his grandson was in desperate need of healing that he began to reconsider everything he believed.

Seeking Answers for Grandchild

Sabal loved his grandson, Edhas. Because Sabal’s son and his family lived with him and Laboni, the cultural norm, Sabal could dote on Edhas. Unfortunately, one day Edhas fell ill with fever and headaches. Sabal and his family immediately brought their 3-year-old child to the hospital for treatment. After this, little Edhas was in and out of the hospital many times. The family spent a lot of money on his treatment because it was their only option. Sabal was deeply troubled—nothing was working.

This is Sabal. He rejoiced at seeing his grandson healed by the power of Jesus Christ.

A Grandfather’s Concern

As Edhas’s condition continued to worsen, Laboni urged Sabal to take Edhas to church to receive prayer, but Sabal refused to listen to her. One day, Sabal was outside his home just as Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Dinenath and some people from his church were visiting people in the community. Sabal spoke with Dinenath in depth about the health issues his grandson had, and how much money they spent with no avail. After Pastor Dinenath shared compassionate words of encouragement, Sabal invited Dinenath to his home to pray for little Edhas.

Sabal told Pastor Dinenath that if his grandson received healing then he would believe in Jesus. “Jesus Christ died on the Cross to save humanity. He is also able to heal the sick. You can put your faith and trust in Him,” Pastor Dinenath told Sabal.

Visible Mercy

Pastor Dinenath visited Sabal’s home a week later to see how they were doing. Sabal happily welcomed Dinenath in and showed him Edhas, whose condition had improved dramatically. Dinenath rejoiced to see little Edhas’s condition improve. Knowing that the Lord heals, Dinenath laid hands on Edhas and prayed for further healing.

Sabal’s stress and anxiety was put to rest upon knowing that his beloved Edhas was healthy again. His heart overflowed with thanksgiving after seeing the Lord’s mercy active in his family. Afterwards, he attended a church service in April 2017, and to Laboni’s delight, Sabal believed in Jesus.

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  1. Jane

    A wonderful hopeful story of the pastor’s strong faith bringing not only healing but convincing a doubtful man. Praise God.

  2. Sandra

    I like the story it was full filled me.I hope you can send me more.

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