Rebellious Teen Discovers Psalms

Wandering through life, Romir ignored his Bible and sought pleasure and fulfilment the only way he knew how: avoiding responsibility. Still, the 16-year-old’s hunger for happiness was not appeased. Would his inner longing ever be satisfied?

Without Direction

At a young age, Romir began to fill his life with things that were bad for his emotional health, including unhealthy friendships with people who were bad influences. He did not understand the truth of God, even though he grew up in a Christian home. He owned a Bible and occasionally attended church, but he never had the desire to know Jesus in a personal way.

Romir came to know the Lord after being encouraged by Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Palin to read the Bible.

As he grew older, his church attendance diminished. When he was home, he argued with his parents and disrespected them causing unrest—he didn’t concern himself with the feelings of others. When he was away, Romir aimlessly wandered with his friends wherever they would go. But one Sunday morning, Romir followed some friends to an unexpected place: church.

Curious About the Bible

Church began to be a place Romir and his friends attended every week, but Romir was initially unengaged. Although he had been exposed to the truth at a young age, he still didn’t recognize its power. Every Sunday, Romir would half-heartedly listen to messages taught by Pastor Palin, the Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor leading the fellowship. The pleasures Romir lived for left little room in his heart to be interested in Christ—until one day, when Pastor Palin taught that to acquire wisdom and true peace and happiness, one should read the Word of God.

This topic sparked Romir’s interest, and he went home and looked at his Bible in a new light. Romir picked it up, flipped through the pages and thought about what Pastor Palin had said. He read a few paragraphs on a random page, but because he did not know what he was reading or where to even start reading the Bible, he put it down and gave up.

But in the Lord’s sovereignty, Pastor Palin visited Romir’s family one day. While they were talking, Pastor Palin asked Romir what he did in his spare time and if he read his Bible. Romir smiled and told him that his recent sermon about reading the Word of God brought out a desire to read. But he added that since he did not know where to start, he gave up and ignored the book.

Pastor Palin encouraged Romir to continue seeking the Lord’s wisdom and advised him to start with reading in Psalms and Proverbs. Hungry for peace and happiness, Romir decided to heed Pastor Palin’s advice, and he began reading Psalms regularly.

Renewal of His Mind

In the months following Pastor Palin’s visit, the Holy Spirit moved in Romir’s life. Romir was gradually being transformed by the renewal of his mind through reading scripture. Pastor Palin’s encouragement was pivotal in Romir’s life—lasting fruit was around the corner.

One day, Romir attended a youth program. The truths he heard at the meeting and had been reading in his Bible finally sunk deep into his heart, and he felt convicted of his sin and ashamed of the ways he was acting.

After that day, his life held new meaning. He no longer turned to the world’s pleasures for satisfaction, but to Jesus instead. And knowing Jesus changes everything.

Because Romir had a Bible, and because there was a pastor to exhort him to read it, Romir now knows the Lord personally and talks about his new interest in the Bible with his friends.

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