Vegetables and a Church Steeple

Nela stopped in front of the beautiful church building, groceries in hand. She passed it every week on her way to the market. Her tired eyes admired the white pillars as she peered up at the cross silhouetted against the sky. The widowed mother of two grown children had paused there many other times to pray to her gods for […] Read more »

No More Morning Secrets

Balab woke up before sunlight broke through the morning sky. Other believers in his village had to do the same. Balab dipped his bucket in the public well and trudged home. He needed water for his family but couldn’t be caught in the act of collecting it—he and the other Christians were banned from the public water source. Meeting a […] Read more »

Girl Rescued from Fear

Aabha’s dad, Edom, came home every evening from work drunk, miserable that he could only make a meager amount of money. In desperation to get more money, Edom also gambled. Because Edom got drunk, he would abuse his family to get his way, so Aabha’s mother and three sisters lived in fear. Though they wanted to beg Edom to stop […] Read more »