Vegetables and a Church Steeple

Nela stopped in front of the beautiful church building, groceries in hand. She passed it every week on her way to the market. Her tired eyes admired the white pillars as she peered up at the cross silhouetted against the sky. The widowed mother of two grown children had paused there many other times to pray to her gods for her family because, deep inside, Nela knew they were broken.

Nela’s youngest son, Reth, was a taxi driver, but he was also an alcoholic. Though Nela lived with Reth and his family after her husband passed away, he didn’t take proper care of her. It was difficult to watch her own son waste his life when she and his own family were in need.

But Nela was about to discover the beauty behind the church walls she had long respected.

Nela [pictured] was captivated by the beautiful church building on her way to the market each week. But it wasn’t until she stepped inside that she experienced Christ’s love for the first time.

Captivated by the Church’s Beauty

One Friday, Nela approached the church building on her way to the market. She paused before passing—something she did many times before. As she stood there in front of the structure, Nela could hear prayers of the believers inside. Their voices poured out from within the walls. With a sense of wonder, Nela found herself stepping inside to join them.

After the prayer service, Nela met Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Josa and many of the women who fellowshipped there. Nela opened up and shared her problems with the ladies. They agreed along with Pastor Josa, who earnestly prayed for Nela and encouraged her through God’s Word.

This was the beginning of Nela’s journey with Jesus. She began to regularly attend worship services, and her faith grew. She even saw how the Lord answered her prayers for her family as her son slowly changed his bad habits and took better care of his family.

“Jesus did a miracle in my home,” Nela said. “Now, many of my problems are solved. My son gave me permission to go to the church and attend the prayer meetings. And nowadays, he goes to work daily.”

God used the simple beauty of a church building and the compassionate hearts of His Bride to show His precious daughter Nela that she is loved. Now Nela purchases vegetables with a new sense of peace and hope in her heart, knowing God answered her prayers and hears them still today.

Find out how the Lord blessed a faithful congregation with a church building of their own.

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  1. Armando


    Peace of Christ, and blessings from God the father. I am very grateful to have a new sister in the Lord. Bless the congregation also. Beautiful to hear , praise Jesus our Lord

  2. Ian

    So lovely to read of a woman(Nela) finding a new joy just by listening to the prayers and music coming from Jesus’ people.
    Indeed, this testimony I hope and pray will lift my own heart out of ‘loneliness’ as I have lived many years now separated.
    I do believe though that some ‘believers’ may be called to walk this path until such time that maybe quite suddenly, like Paul, a light and a still small voice puts that special person in our path.
    GFA-you are doing a great work here.

  3. Suzanne

    Wonderful story. Praise God for his grace in Nela’s life.
    From Suzanne

  4. Marsha

    I am touched deep in my heart for the miracle of new birth Jesus accomplished thru his praying saints.

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