Widow Is No Longer Alone

Dazi wasn’t expecting company in her one room, thatched-roof home, but she welcomed three compassionate-looking women inside. Mahia, Subi and Pema introduced themselves, kindness gleaming from their eyes. The aged widow observed by the ladies’ form of dress that her guests, clad in white and gray, had come to serve. Dazi soon found out they were Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported Sisters of Compassion.

Widow Struggles Alone

It was plain for Mahia, Subi and Pema to see that Dazi was living all alone. As the ladies gave their time to the lonely widow, they learned her story.

Dazi’s only daughter had died as a young child, the son she later adopted had moved to another state, and her husband had passed away, leaving 60-year-old Dazi without anyone to share life with. She worked laboriously as a house maid cleaning several homes to earn just enough to live on. But whenever the elderly lady fell sick and couldn’t fend for herself, Dazi depended on the mercy of her neighbors.

Dazi (pictured) was all alone until the Lord sent Sisters of Compassion to love her and help her with basic chores. Now Dazi is happy to have the company of the sisters and attends church each Sunday.

When Dazi met the Sisters of Compassion, she knew they cared for her and genuinely wanted to help her. Mahia, Subi and Pema shared with her about the love of Jesus, and she realized Jesus cared about her enough to bring happiness and companionship back into her life.

Dazi became interested in Jesus as she listened to the stories and Scripture the sisters shared each time, they visited her. She saw how deeply Jesus loved her, and in return, Dazi gave her heart to Him. After receiving new life in Christ, Dazi began to attend church meetings. It was an easy five-minute walk to a believer’s home where services were conducted in Dazi’s village, which meant Dazi could join regularly for worship and fellowship.

A New Sense of Belonging

Today Dazi knows she is loved and cared for by the Lord. It is because of Mahia, Subi and Pema’s friendship that she is no longer left alone. The sisters check in on her regularly, and they also help Dazi with her chores in her little home. Through the unexpected visitors, Dazi learned the true heart of Christ and now lives a happy life with Jesus always by her side.

Dazi is not the only woman who has received comfort and love from Sisters of Compassion. Read how Mrs. Kunshi was blessed by the program a few Sisters of Compassion conducted in her area.

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  1. Patricia

    What a beautiful story,I’m so thrilled to hear that the Lord is being accepted by others needing him. I too found him at a lonely time,and,what a glorious new life I have in God. Thank you HAD. For helping all.
    Regards and Blessings,
    Patricia Jusak

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