An Introduction to the God of Miracles

Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Ezra listened to the young woman, Miba, who had come to him for prayer. She had been abandoned by her husband after delivering her second child, but at that moment, it was her brother’s health crisis that weighed heaviest on her mind. Soon, Pastor Ezra was standing in Miba’s troubled home.

Failing Kidneys, a Desire for Change

When Ezra arrived at Miba’s home, he saw a young man lying in bed. It was Seon, Miba’s 32-year-old brother. As Ezra approached Seon’s sickbed, he noticed swelling all over the young man’s body. Seon, who had been longing for someone to pray for and comfort him, opened up to Pastor Ezra.

Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported workers, like this man pictured and Ezra, are faithful to visit homes that are in distress to offer hope, comfort and prayer.

Seon ached for redemption, but he had already experienced drastic life change—all for the worse. Seon used to have a substantial job as a painter, and he worked hard for his family after his father died. But over time, the love of money and self-indulgent pleasures filled his heart. Instead of taking care of his widowed mother and abandoned sister and her children, Seon squandered his income on alcohol and harmful addictions. He spent his time after work with his friends, who also lived morally corrupt lives.

All his fleeting happiness was gone in a moment, however, when Seon got into an accident while traveling via motorcycle. This accident injured his kidneys. Seon was in the hospital for six months, but he wasn’t improving; his kidneys were failing. The doctors concluded that there was no hope for Seon other than dialysis or a kidney transplant.

All the family’s funds had run dry from the doctor expenses, and they had no other choice but to take Seon back home, where he continued taking medication. Because of the expensive treatment he had undergone, his family very quickly plunged into poverty. It was an emergency and Seon’s younger brother had to work in order to keep the family afloat.

As Seon laid immobilized on his bed, thoughts of his past life swirled through his mind. He regretted his behavior. He longed for someone, anyone, to offer prayers for his healing, but no one had come.

A Solution to Their Problems

Pastor Ezra scanned the room after he heard Seon’s story. He noticed Talya, Miba and Seon’s mother. Talya struggled with mental illness. Sometimes the depression grew so bad that she would throw things in her home. The pain of watching her children suffer made her illness worse, and the doctors warned her not to skip any of her medication.

With a heart full of passion for Jesus and compassion for the family, Pastor Ezra shared about the Healer—the Healer of broken marriages, failing kidneys and depression. He prayed for the family, and after his prayer, he made it a point to visit this family often. That night, their home was filled with peace, and everyone slept unusually soundly. Hope had entered their anxious lives.

Experiencing the Healer

As the family’s relationship grew with the pastor, they learned that Jesus could do a miracle for them just as He had done when He lived on earth. Faith began to develop in their hearts, and with Pastor Ezra’s guidance, they learned how to pray.

Seon’s body swelling slowly decreased, and when he went to the doctors for a check-up, they were amazed. There was no longer any need for him to have a transplant! Seon was so joyful at this news. Day by day, his health improved, and Seon could soon walk and move on his own again.

But the Healer was not going to just stop at Seon’s miracle. Miba experienced the love and concern of the Lord when her husband returned to her and their children. She and her two little ones moved into his home, and they lived together peacefully and in unity.

What’s more, Talya was delivered from her depression. She was able to receive the peace of Christ instead of anxious fear and sorrow. She was able to soundly go about her daily tasks with joy and rest.

The family is now faithfully attending prayer meetings and worshiping on Sundays at Pastor Ezra’s church. They are growing strong in the God of miracles, even though they have faced some opposition in their village for following Jesus. Pastor Ezra continues to serve the Lord with a heart ready to encourage those around him who are struggling and hurting.

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  1. Richard

    Isn’t it SO amazing that often people need to repent and see a past period in their life – like drinking and money squandering- as something to run from and be rid of !!Then the Lord can work through His people to bring healing and deliverance to hurting sick people ..this is wonderful work

  2. Margaret

    How wonderful is our God,praise His name for the lives of those dear people who now have a wonderful new life in Jesus.

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