Abandoned Woman Receives Sewing Machine

Saci was still carrying their first son in her womb when her husband left her—again. It was the second time he abandoned her, and now Saci had to raise their daughter and new baby boy as a single parent.

Saci watched her children grow and mature under her parents’ roof, while her father suffered from asthma. Because of this, she had no choice but to find a way to provide for the entire family. She had to fill in the gaps her husband left behind.

Insufficient Income Causes Extended Grief

Saci worked as a house maid in several homes, but all her domestic labor didn’t earn her much. She received low wages, which were not sufficient for the family’s needs. But one day, Saci received a house call from Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Lagan and a team of Sisters of Compassion. When they began to chat, Saci asked if they would pray for her father’s healing. Together they prayed, believing in Jesus as the One who heals, and they encouraged her to have faith.

Saci has tears of joy as she expresses her thankfulness for the new sewing machine God provided for her through supporters across the globe.

Within a month, Jesus did answer their prayers, and Saci’s father received complete healing! This resulted in the family also accepting the love and hope of Jesus in their lives. Pastor Lagan and the Sisters of Compassion began to conduct prayer meetings in their home. Because of Saci’s father’s testimony of healing, more than 25 villagers started to attend these weekly prayer meetings. The Sisters of Compassion where also able to start a Sunday School, which 40 children attended, and women’s literacy classes for eight women.

A Machine Changed Her Livelihood

On International Widows Day, Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported Women’s Fellowship ladies conducted a gift distribution. Saci, who had been abandoned by her husband and considered a widow in her culture, received an income-generating gift: a sewing machine!

With tears in her eyes, Saci said, “My husband left me when I was pregnant. I gave birth to a child, and there was no other means for me to sustain my family. Today I am so happy to receive a sewing machine from [the church]. Now I am sure that I will be able to make some income to support my children and my family members.”

Today Saci is able to sufficiently provide for her family by sewing clothes for her customers. She is able to afford daily food and to send her children to school. But beyond the gift itself, Saci now holds the beautiful truth that Jesus will never abandoned her. She may be alone in raising her children, but now she knows her Heavenly Father is the father to her children and will continue to take care of them in the years to come.

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