Sick Sorcerer Becomes Healed Ambassador

People were gathered in Ponnan’s home—the home that was formerly known as the dwelling of a respected and sought-after sorcerer. Instead of seeking a man who would perform magic to heal their ailments, they now gathered inside Ponnan’s opened doors to worship the Healer of souls. Heritage of Sorcerers Ponnan came from a long line of sorcerers. Respected by his […] Read more »

Remaining Steadfast in God’s Passion

Diane shares her thoughts and heart about how she and her husband, Kevin, were called by God to become behind-the-scenes missionaries. Read how they have kept their vision and passion alive throughout 15 years of service at GFA. It was around the time of the terrorists attack on the World Trade Centers, in 2001, that my husband, Kevin, had already […] Read more »

A GFA-supported pastor gives a box of medicines to the director of the children’s home.

GFA Helps Provide Medicine for Children’s Home

Before coming to stay at a children’s home in Sri Lanka, many of the children were alone, with no one to properly care for them and give them the love they needed. But at this privately-run children’s home, the children found a place where they belonged, a place where they knew they were loved and cared for. Then, through extenuating […] Read more »

‘So Happy I Answered the Call’

Ashley, serving with GFA since 2012, shares her experiences as a student and then as a staff member. Her life and journey with Jesus has grown through the encouragement of being involved in the Christ-centered, missions-focused community. I was only 18 years old when I decided to leave my home and family in Pennsylvania and come to Texas to join […] Read more »

Not Spirituality–Humble Obedience

Sandy, a behind-the-scenes missionary with GFA, shares her family’s journey through 20 years of dedicated service. Still today, she and her husband Ralph face the unfinished task together, all for the sake of Christ and His love. Although my husband Ralph and I were both raised in Christian homes, we had become very disillusioned within the church. We felt there […] Read more »