GFA Helps Provide Medicine for Children’s Home

Before coming to stay at a children’s home in Sri Lanka, many of the children were alone, with no one to properly care for them and give them the love they needed. But at this privately-run children’s home, the children found a place where they belonged, a place where they knew they were loved and cared for.

Then, through extenuating circumstances, the children’s home lost a lot of their funding. The staff worked diligently to raise the necessary resources, determined to still provide the children with shelter and an education.

Even with all the fundraising, money was still tight. They struggled to pay for maintenance costs and had to reduce the number of new children they took in their care.

Then one day, Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported workers heard about their financial struggles and were moved to do something to help them.

Partnering with the local hospital, they donated medicines and vitamin supplements to help care for the health needs of the children living at the home. A doctor also instructed the staff on the proper use of the medicines.

“It is a great blessing to receive this special gift of free medicines through [the church] on behalf of all the children in our home,” said the director of the children’s home.

Through the compassionate hearts of Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported workers, God provided for the children’s home. Now, with this gift, the staff are better able to care for the health of the children without being burdened with the expense of medicine.

A Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor gives a box of medicines to the director of the children’s home.

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