Protection from the Cold

This Christmas, many people living in the mountainous regions of Asia will not be protected from cold weather, as they have no winter clothing. But GFA-supported community development  initiatives, like Christmas gift distributions, hope to change the lives of many.

The Gift of Warmth

Through GFA’s Christmas Gift Catalog, people around the world have the opportunity to purchase various gifts such as farm animals, toilets, winter clothing, and other helpful items to give relief to families and individuals in need. Then Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported workers hold events throughout Asia where they distribute these items.

Winter clothing packets, which often include items like coats and sweaters, help Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported missionaries and others who face the bitterness of colder climates. Daily laborers, for instance, often endure the coldest of winters in climates near mountainous regions without so much as a sweater. But winter clothing packets provide them with the protection they need to endure their work day.

In 2016, more than 170,000 blankets were distributed at Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported events like this one.

Beneficiaries Express Gratitude

In December of 2015, two different Christmas gift distributions took place where people were given sweaters, blankets and coats. Many expressed their gratitude and shared how these gifts would change their lives.

Lalan, who received a gift at a distribution event, said, “It is such a joy to receive this gift. For this winter, I have no worry now. And this Christmas gift is a message to me to continue to show love and care to everyone without bias.”

“I am truly happy that I am receiving a blanket,” said Nehal, another beneficiary of a Christmas gift distribution. “I have been feeling cold, and this blanket will help me face the winter.”

Sanjula, 21, is a Bridge of Hope staff member who lost all her belongings, including her house in the 2015 earthquake in Nepal.

Sanjula said, “I am happy to have a jacket. It is very useful for me in this cool place.”

Ramini, a Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported missionary, said, “Thanks a lot for the warm jacket. It is very useful in this winter season. Here, it is very cold. It will protect me from the cold.”

For missionaries and daily laborers who are working in the harsh elements of cold winters, winter clothing packets offer the ability to live and work free from the bitter cold.

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  1. Vicki

    i am so blessed to have received this need for warm coats and blankets. i hope to help send smeone some blankets after the first of December when i receive my check.

  2. Talitha

    Jesus works miracles, I am so blessed to hear these stories of true faithfulness. Thank You Jesus for devoted miniseries like this. Amen.

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