Once Abused, Now Rewriting Her Story

Fear gripped Misha as her violent husband pointed a gun in her direction. The stench of alcohol was on his breath as anger arose out of his madness. Every day, Misha agonized in the abuse of her husband, the father of her children.

“I felt like I was in a hell to stay with an abusive alcoholic husband,” she confessed.

Misha had no peace or true love in her life—she felt abandoned.

Finding Brief Solace in the Bottle

To find comfort, Misha turned to the bottle that was destroying her husband’s life. But alcohol only eased her pain for a few hours. When the strong drink wore off, the void of peace was still there in the middle of the turmoil she constantly lived in. After a few years of this torture, Misha’s drunken husband died of liver cancer. Freed from the abuse, Misha began living as she wished.

“I kept my children with my brother and went from bed to bed to find love,” she recalled.

Misha sought peace in men and alcohol, but the love she longed for, the love that could heal the pain deep inside her heart, was nowhere to be found.

But God, rich in His mercy and compassion, pursued her heart. He loved Misha with perfect love and saw her story unfold.

Jesus is rewriting Misha’s story. She is free from abuse and fear and has found the peace and true love she couldn’t find in men and alcohol.

True Love Changes Everything

Misha’s cousin, who loved the Lord, invited her to a prayer meeting where Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Lwin and some believers were gathered. That night, Misha listened very closely to the message Pastor Lwin shared from the Gospel of John, chapter four. He explained the story about the Samaritan woman at Jacob’s well who encountered Jesus in the midst of her sinful lifestyle.

Misha was struck by the fact that after the woman met Jesus, everything changed. As God’s Words were read, a new found hope opened up and true love touched and overwhelmed Misha’s heart.

“After hearing the message,” Misha said, “my heart was pricked and my body felt like it was on fire; the Word of God, which came to me, was powerful and alive. God began to speak to me, and everything was made new. At that moment I was crying because I was happy inside, and I felt like I could breathe. I felt free and alive. I had never felt such an experience before in my life.”

Living Her New Story

Misha has finally found the love that will never leave her, the peace that will never grow dim, and the Companion that will satisfy her deepest longings. Misha’s sorrowful past has been washed away in the arms of the Lord.

“When I surrendered my life to Jesus,” Misha testified, “He delivered me miraculously from alcohol addiction and erased my former story. Today, I began writing a new story of my life through Jesus Christ.”

Jesus is the healer of our pasts and the comforter of the hurting, like Misha. Read how a precious widow named Mayra found hope and peace in Christ, too!

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  1. Talitha

    Praise the Lord Jesus Christ for He is good to all who need, and long for Him. I pray that all who have a longing for Jesus find peace among the trials. “Lord bless Your little children that You love so much. Amen.”

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