In Need of Safe Haven

Pastor Anson looked at the people who had gathered. Huddled in a believer’s home, the room they were meeting in was becoming too cramped. This was not the first house they had met in. They needed a place more permanent—more spacious.

A Great Need

Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Anson had been serving in this village for several years, and over time his flock grew exponentially. The group had been meeting in a local believer’s home, and, due to the growth, the faithful believers had to switch houses multiple times. But still, the unavailability of space put a strain on the congregation.

Pastor Anson’s place of worship, like this one pictured, provides believers a safe haven to worship and praise in peace for years to come.

After much prayer and seeking the Lord, Pastor Anson put in an application for a permanent place of worship. While it was being reviewed, the pastor and his flock continued to pray, asking the Lord for provision. After many months and constant prayer, their application was approved. Construction began almost immediately. It seemed as if their prayers were finally answered.

In the Face of Trials

However, the construction of a place of worship did not sit well with some. Lies, deceit, and even a mob threatened the group of believers. Praying in earnest, Pastor Anson and his congregation sought the Lord through these difficult times. Despite the ordeals, the believers came together to finish the construction. Some donated building materials, such as bamboo. Others helped in the actual construction, and some even kept watch over the materials at night to ensure they were not stolen or tampered with. Eventually, by the grace of God, the building was completed.

Finding Healing and a Haven

Amidst all the trials and adversity, the Lord watched over His flock in his area. Additionally, four other families opened their hearts to Jesus’ love. One such family was Bakoor and Susita.

Several years ago, Bakoor and Susita tried multiple times to have children, but each time Susita gave birth, the baby would pass away inexplicably. Saddened, the young couple would save their money and perform rituals to ensure a healthy child. Nothing worked.

A believer, aware of their plight, invited them to Sunday worship, where the congregation would pray for them. Bakoor and Susita, looking for any form of relief, began to attend. As a result of the believers’ prayers, the Lord blessed them with a healthy baby girl. This, along with the Lord’s answer to the congregation’s prayers for a permanent place of worship, showed Bakoor and Susita the great love God has for His people. Now, they along with the other believers, sing praises and joyfully worship the Lord together.

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