Relief on a Bicycle

Step … step … step … Every footstep wracked the man’s legs with pain. Step … step … step … Just a few more steps.

Walking Everywhere

Darin worked as a meter reader for a state electricity board. He was in charge of reading 2,500 meters every month in three different villages. However, there was a problem—the villages had no bus services. Additionally, in their rural areas, the roads were unpaved. Darin trekked by foot around five miles every day to read meters and distribute bills.

Sometimes, Darin would borrow a bicycle from his friends, but it wasn’t possible all the time. Walking five miles every day began to take a toll on Darin’s feet. When he’d finally get home at the end of the day, fatigue and pain would settle in his body.

In Need of Help

Darin’s meter reading was the only way to support his family—his wife and two children depended on him to provide for their everyday needs. Thus, Darin bore the aches and exhaustion. For six years, he prayed to the local deities, begging them for some form of relief, especially entreating them for a bicycle. But to no avail.

Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Sanesh, who ministered in the local area, had heard of this man’s plight. Pastor Sanesh invited the beleaguered meter reader to attend an upcoming event.

Darin (pictured) no longer has to walk everywhere thanks to the new bicycle given to him through a Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported Christmas gift distribution.


The Blessing a Bicycle Brings

The event happened to be a GFA-supported Christmas gift distribution. Much to Darin’s surprise, the pastor presented him with a brand-new bicycle!

“I was longing for [a bicycle] for six years, but all the ways were closed in front of me,” Darin said. “I never thought it would be possible in my life. Today, I am so happy that one of my dreams is fulfilled as I received this surprise free gift.”

Darin no longer travels on foot for his job. Instead of feeling constant pain and weariness, he is happy and energetic in his work. Additionally, thanks in part to the love shown by Pastor Sanesh, Darin and his entire family walk in God’s love.

Now, every mile Darin travels provides happiness and peace, instead of pain and exhaustion.

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