Donations collected for victims of severe Kerala flooding

Soft Hearts, Open Hands for Kerala Flood Victims

August 1 began the worst flooding in 100 years for the state of Kerala, India. As monsoon rains poured down, water levels quickly rose higher each day. Dams that had not been opened in decades filled up to dangerous levels. To release the mounting pressure building up against the dam’s walls, dams were opened. A torrent of accumulated rain water […] Read more »

Cursed by Family, Loved by Strangers

As the World Health Organization notes, leprosy is an ancient disease,[1] but it still rears its ugly head today. Leprosy affects many. In 2017, more than 210,000 new cases were reported in 150 countries.[2] Those who are afflicted know very well of the devastation it causes. They become the outcasts, the exiles and the untouchables. Some are called “cursed” by […] Read more »

An Empty Heart Filled with Love

Unhappy. Discontent. Void of purpose. Empty. That’s how 28-year-old Basudha felt. With his sisters married and his parents passed on, Basudha was, for the most part, alone. Basudha followed his family’s local practices and rituals, but nothing brought him happiness—not his work and not his beliefs. The Joy of Christmas One of Basudha’s coworkers, Rayan, was a member of the […] Read more »

Peace Dwells Where Turmoil Once Lived

A home provides peace and security for any family—at least it should. For Harmya, her house was a danger to her and her children. Family in Chaos Harmya’s husband passed away some years ago from tuberculosis, leaving the mother to take care of four children. The widow struggled to provide for her children’s needs. She relied on loans and gifts […] Read more »

Christmas Chickens Help Buy a Fish Farm

Parbeen looked around his farm after a hard day of work. His eyes scanned the fish ponds full of stock, and he could hear his cow mooing in its shed and his chickens clucking in their coop. He felt God’s loving hand on his life as he took care of what He had entrusted him with. The poverty he once […] Read more »