Peace Dwells Where Turmoil Once Lived

A home provides peace and security for any family—at least it should. For Harmya, her house was a danger to her and her children.

Family in Chaos

Harmya’s husband passed away some years ago from tuberculosis, leaving the mother to take care of four children. The widow struggled to provide for her children’s needs. She relied on loans and gifts from relatives and well-wishers, but that wasn’t always viable. Harmya eventually began wandering the local woods in search of vegetables to sell, hoping she could make adequate money. Harmya’s eldest son also quit his education after seventh grade and began working at a local factory to support the family.

On top of that, the beleaguered family’s house, originally constructed from thatch, crumbled around them. Harmya diligently started gathered wood and bamboo to make repairs. Her son contributed what he could from his factory earnings, but it wasn’t enough to accomplish all the needed repairs.

God’s Provision

Harmya, pictured in front of her repaired house, is grateful for the blessing of tin sheets she and her family received.

Harmya did her best to provide for her family, but she also turned to another source of help. She had a strong faith in Jesus and was actively involved with the local church. The widow prayed incessantly, lifting up her troubles and seeking the Lord for help.

Through a Christmas gift distribution, Harmya received two bundles of tin sheets! These sheets provided stability and protection for her home.

“I am blessed to receive the tin sheets from the church,” the grateful widow said. “We yearned to live in a good house. The Lord saw our need and blessed us with a good house. …  I thank God for His help and also to the church.”

No longer would Harmya and her children fear living in an unsafe house; peace and calm now dwell in Harmya’s home.

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