Clean water provided to village in crisis by Gospel for Asia supported field workers.

Jesus Well Quenches Family’s Strife

Vatsala, 24, fervently prayed for her husband’s anger to subside. There never seemed to be any peace in her young family. Always on edge, Vatsala constantly waited for Sukumar’s next outburst. Her husband’s verbal abuse heaped shame on her head. Vatsala used to fight back. Husband and wife would yell through the house, tearing away any harmony in the family. […] Read more »

Gospel for Asia-supported Radio

Woman Finds Freedom Through Radio

Treatments, medicine, rituals and sacrifices—no matter what Gagana and her husband tried, nothing seemed to work. Spiritual Warfare Gagana and her husband, Shreyars, lived in a rural village in Asia. Farming and agriculture were the primary sources of income for the villagers. The people strictly observed local traditions and practices. Gagana and Shreyars were among the especially devout, visiting shrines […] Read more »

Gospel for Asia-supported National Missionaries and Sisters of Compassion have become accepted members of the community in this leprosy colony. Providing for the physical and spiritual needs, has demonstrated God's love to the residents.

Vision Restored, Dignity Renewed

Bhadraksh had once been a young man, full of vigor. Married with a child, he worked hard for his young family. He had a stable and honest job in a thread factory, which clothed, fed and sheltered them. Life was simple and good. That life seemed like another world now. As the memory of those times faded and the difficult […] Read more »

Gospel for Asia-supported Bridge of Hope

Finding Purpose Despite Disability

“Why was I born into this world?” That’s a question most children don’t find themselves asking, but Sariah was no ordinary child. The young girl had been unable to walk since birth, and she felt isolated—different. Consumed by Loneliness While her family members were followers of the local traditions, Sariah was especially devout. Often the young girl rebuked her siblings […] Read more »